Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long weekend hangover of the soul

Well, it's not like I needed a weekend away from work, or anything. But it was nice to have Spouse in the house for a few days of doing blissful nothing.

Not like anything profoundly exciting happened.

But a few observations-

-protect your hearing. Our good friend has trouble now (probably due to Iron Maiden- he didn't say) and it sucks.

-I have to admit to a shortcoming- I have never, never been able to fully distinguish between The Smiths and The Cure. Yeah, I know there's a difference. And I usually do well when I guess The Cure, since they get more airplay. But unless I'm very familiar with the song, I don't hear the difference. Lame, indeed.

-Cabbage, whilst being the subject of my sole remembered sentence of conversational Russian, makes me a tad gassy. Sorry, Spouse. You were warned, though.

-Reno 911 is a very funny show. Love it, love it , love it. According to sources of mine in the Bozeman Police Dept, the boys (and girls) in blue like it plenty.

-My cat Timmy looks more like a seal than ever before. He is losing his legs- they are being swallowed by his expanding torso. I need to figure out how he's accessing the extra calories. Before we end up with a sea mammal in the house.

-I'm probably the only person in cyberspace who doesn't have an opinion about a) Lindsey Lohan's weight, or b)whether or not Tom Cruise is really in love with Katie Holmes. I guess it just doesn't matter.

-and finally, there's a game called Sudoku- that's bloody addictive. Nastily so. And now I must play some more.

Friday, May 27, 2005

More on the Monkey man

Do you know the monkey man, the monkey man, the monkey man?

Yes, I know the monkey man- who lives on Elliott Drive!

So, after the creepy crawling incedent, we kept our distance from the monkey man. Then Spouse's sister moved in when Brian moved out. And things took an ominous turn.

We came home one day to find the window on the front door broken, and a bloody handprint on the door frame. Someone had come into the apartment- looked around and left. Nothing was missing.

There was a trail of blood to the backdoor of the house next door, where the door had been kicked in. (Monkey man lived there).

We called the police, and they took the monkey man away. Seemed that he had a history of breaking into apartments in the area. The woman who lived in the front part of his house woke up one night to find him sitting on her bed stroking her thigh. Seems he liked Spouse's sister- a lot.

And another creepy thing about that apartment- there was a woman in the basement apartment named Brittany. Brittany borrowed $5 from Spouse. Then we came home the next morning, and the kids next door (children of the accosted woman) were playing with Brittany's things. They said, "Brittany died." Seems that Brittany used the $5 to buy a large bottle of Tylenol. Then she took the whole damned thing. Suffered renal failure and died. Just like that. Creepy, no?

And another thing- this proves that Missoula was a tad too small- one of my ex boyfriends lived below Spouse for a while before I dated either of them. The fact that they knew eachother (and weren't friends, thank the gods) is pretty high on my ick factor...It was really good to move to a place where I knew no one...call it a palate cleanser.

Interpret this

And it doesn't have to be through the media of dance- or lyric poetry. Please.

I had a dream- it was an awesome dream-

There were two bald eagles circling over our yard (it happens here- seriously)- and the younger one bit the older one at the base of his skull, and killed him. He fell to the ground and landed in our yard. I didn't want to touch him- I didn't feel right about it. He was enormous. Too big to fit in the refrigerator. And why did that thought occur to me? I dunno- it was a dream dammit.

Then I woke up. And my eye itched. I thought it was the pink eye- but it wasn't. I was traumatized last year when I got the pink eye. It was perhaps the nastiest ailment I have had since adolescence.

Anywhooo- just felt like sharing.

OK- I have an answer

Trisha= 3rd marriage, Garth =2nd. That wasn't gonna keep me up all night, but I was vexed with the mixed signals that CNN was sending.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dumbest thing of the day

And no, I'm not talking about my adventure on Fauntleroy this afternoon (damned street- tricked me, it did!). On CNN I heard the story of some Star Wars fans who hurt themselves attempting to relive the Vader/Kenobi battle. With light sabers they made using fluorescent tubes and liquid fuel. Funny- they exploded, and these dumbasses were hurt. HAHA I say! That's what you get for fucking with the force. Dumbasses. The force isn't there for your amusement- it deserves respect. Or you WILL be hurt. Or sent on a long superfluous drive into Seattle downtown via Fauntleroy.

Also in the news- I guess that Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks got engaged. Yawn. But what I wanna know is this- CNN has reported that it's her 2nd or 3rd marriage, and his 2nd or 3rd marriage- what is it? I'm all confused and want accuracy with my reporting. Dammit.

And another one from the vaults

I'm so chock full o stories this week that I amaze even myself. Today I shall discuss the parable of "Why you should always lock the door to your apartment at night."

So, Spouse and I were newly united back in the day, and we had been involved in a riotous party. Brian, Spouse's roommate had invited the kind of scary neighbor guy up to join in the festivities. He brought along a Bon Jovi tape.

Then they all went down town, and we went to Tidyman's for toilet paper. We came back, and the floor in the bathroom was awash- while we were gone, before they left, there had been some honey flinging. Then hair washing. And the tiles from the bathroom floor peeled up. But this happened later.

So, we are quietly setting the apartment back to livable state- in kind of that drunken fastidiously deliberate way that comes on when you're trying very hard not to break shit- scraping honey infused newspaper from the kitchen floor.

It was too hard. We were tired. We went to bed. Later Brian came home. No one locked the door.

Around I'm gonna guess 3 AM I woke up and saw the monkey man from next door in the doorway of the bedroom. (he was short, hairy and scary) I woke Spouse up and told him that monkey man was in the house. Then I fell asleep again. I woke up a few minutes later and monkey man was slowly crawling across the bedroom floor towards us. I woke Spouse and we whispered to eachother- all while monkey man kept coming towards us (what does he want? I dunno...). Finally Spouse said out loud, "What do you want?" Monkey man came to a dead stop and slowly crawled backwards out of the room. Then he left. I told Spouse to go lock the door. Then we slept again.

Always lock the door at night. Even in Missoula, MT- protosimian monkey men are waiting to enter and creepy crawl you. There is more to the monkey man story- I'll save it for later.

OMG- Courtney Love is scaring me! I gotta get off of MSNBC.com before she spots me...This image will no doubt haunt my dreams tonight...

Oh God- it gets even better!

Or I get worse- you make the call...

The headline under the poll numbers reads, "Bush boosts Palestinians with $50 million infusion." They are making it too easy. Infuse this, baby!

Ahhhh. good times. I make myself giggle.

And the next step

When I clicked the link about "pullout" I was asked, "do you think the Gaza withdrawl will happen as planned?" And I have to make the comment- gee- I was told in High School sex ed that the withdrawl method doesn't work for shit. What kind of accidents can occur when they employ that kind of thing?

Yup. It gets even worse. Just give me a little ammo, and I'll run with it for days. All in a somewhat pitiful attempt to amuse myself. Because holding monologues for the cats just doesn't cut it after a while. They look bored. Then they fall asleep. Or lick eachother. And I refuse to get in on that action- licking one's cats isn't cool.

Ahh- I am proud of my fellow citizens. The poll numbers show 70% don't think withdrawl will happen as planned. That could lead to a nasty little surprise a few months from now!

Naughty things

Right now on the MSNBC.com website, the headline graphic says, "New Start- Bush meets Palestinian leader, vows $50 million in direct aid. Live vote: Will pullout happen?" heeheehee...

I am thinking all kinds of sick things right now. It's the pullout thing...coupled with the $50 million left on the dresser.

Someone at MSNBC loves me- or this wouldn't have happened. I've waited all my life for this...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yeah- this is called a GIRDLE kids, and you should ask your mom or grandma about them. They were considered de rigeur back in the day- I think they look like hell in elastic...

Trouble with pictures

Picasa is being all temperamental. I think it is feuding with our virus software. So posting pictures isn't going so well. I apologize...

Nother poop story- sort of.

So, Chris and Rich are in the University Center and notice these mushrooms in the planters. They are convinced that these are the good kind of mushrooms. They harvest them, dry them out in the oven, grind them up and consume them.

Then they almost die. Or at least feel like it. Stuff coming out of every end imaginable. Bringing up the eternal question- does one choose to vomit on a towel and shit on the toilet? Or does one vomit in the toilet and shit on the floor? Chris chose the former, and I have to agree.

So after 2 days of this, things settle. And Chris is summoned to his unstable girlfriend's side. She wanted him to spend the night. And "No, honey, I'm in bad shape," wasn't an option. So since he was worried that he might shart in the night, they devised a garbage bag diaper for him. Thus trussed up he slept. (I'm thinking not much nookie...)

When he woke, he was very unsettled to note that it was very wet in the bag. He thought- "oh no, I've crapped myself." But was relieved to note that he was just sodden with sweat from the bag.

He said that he was convinced after the near-religious experience of purging so strongly that he was clean inside and would never have to eat again.
I'm a guessing that he discovered differently...

Got another interview

For next Wednesday. Graphics firm- specializing in print. Thinking really happy thoughts.

Yesterday- things that I did

We went to the Star Wars movie yesterday. And it was kinda good. I have the following observations:

-Ewan MacGregor is hot. And he really ought to have that mole on his forehead looked at- it's bloody huge! And distracting...
-The script was marginally better. I know that Lucas hired someone to write it. They should've gone through a couple more drafts. I did like the Obi Wan line,"I have a bad feeling about this..." It made me all Han Solo happy- see the previous post...
-I agree with Spouse and the Evil Ryan- there was just a touch overkill with the CG. Why have 50 ships when you can create 500? Well, sometimes subtlety is a good thing. And the eye can't appreciate too much movement.
-There were entirely too many short, fragmented scenes. Would it have killed Lucas to tell the stories without all of the cuts? REALLY!
-Padme was a dumbass. Her character was unsatisfyingly damsel in distressish. All she seemed to do was wait around in the apartment.
-Samuel L. was definately phoning it in in his first scenes. Dammit man, we expect more from you!
-Angry muppets are cool.
-Anikin was sure in need of some therapy- he was a touch obsessive with his death problem. Wouldn't the Jedi with their mind tricks have figured this out? And wouldn't he have received anger management training whilst a child (sorry- youngling)? I'm just saying...
-and finally, why didn't the Jedi sense the ambush vibe? I thought that was part of their bag o tricks. Or is Yoda the only Jedi with that kind of sensory adaptation?

Overall, better than the last 2, far worse than the first 3. But I gotta hand it to Lucas- when I sit in the theater and the credits start, with the John Williams score, I get a little misty. Helps that the original Star Wars was a pivotal movie in my youth.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Mika cat

Mika cat is bad
he sits on the floor dirty
dreaming of his lunch.

Seriously- he is a filthy little beast in dire need of a bath. But I fear his wrath too much to do the deed. I think he would turn feral and tear large chunks off of my face...

My love affair with Harrison Ford

Yeah- when the original Star Wars came out, I had a total thing for Harrison Ford. Mark Hammill never did it for me- he was too much of a bitch. But my friend Terri and I mooned over Harrison. Dreamy, dreamy Harrison.

Not long afterwards, Bladerunner came out. We snuck into it- as it was rated R and we were underage. We expected to see Han Solo. We were disabused of that right off. Both of us left disappointed and saddened, and totally over our Harrison Ford mania. We were stupid. But we were young, in Montana and hopelessly silly. We thought that Olivia Newton John was cutting edge, and legwarmers were really cool. We went roller skating at the roller rink for fun. And rode our 10 speeds everywhere.

When I saw Bladerunner in college I realized the error of my earlier days tout suit- and got over it. I also left behind my affiliation with Journey, REO Speedwagon and Styx. It was all part of growing up and getting past the AM radio lifestyle that I had endured...(1340 KCAP...Helena....)

I still remember the words to most of the Journey songs on my records...sigh...I wish I could reallocate those brain cells to something useful, like Latin vocabulary...but I can't figure out how to jettison the useless crap.

Friday story time

Today I relate a story that actually includes me. It's only fair!

I ate dinner at Worden's Market in Missoula- I remember the sandwich that I had- it had a kind of olive oil sauce on it- it was pretty good. Then my friend and I went up the Rattlesnake for a hike. We did this nightly, usually walking 8 miles total before it got too dark and scary.

We were hiking along, at a pretty brisk pace, when about 2 miles in from the trail head I felt the ominous rumblings of dinner doing somthing unusual. So I mentioned that there was a problem on board and that we had to head back. We picked up the pace, and it was a real struggle to get to the trail head and the outhouse there. I was just determined not to deal with unloading in the woods. Not gonna do it. Never...if I can help it. Luckily on this occasion I was successful. But it was really nasty.

Moral to this story- I don't like Worden's sandwiches anymore, and loathe nature. It's all nature's fault...and now I have committed the poop walk to eternity...

Another go at it

So I got a call out of the blue yesterday from a connection of Spouse's about a possible job. At a company similar in size, etc. to the place I worked last. Think happy thoughts- this could actually happen! (God- I'm one of those happy fools who is an optimist- it hasn't been beaten out of me yet...)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

One more story before I go...

This one is also from a friend (I am happy to exploit my friends, as long as I protect their anonymity).

So we had a friend in AZ who was in Spouse's classes. Good guy. Mormon guy. And yes, devout- with all that entails. We sure liked him. He was kind of geeky in a really sweet way, and had the nicest mom ever.

Prior to the new Star Wars movies, he decided that since they were learning how to fabricate plastic, he would develop the coolest Halloween costume ever. He built several Boba Fett costumes. It took him weeks. The painting alone was probably some of the most complex work he had ever done. The grand pity of it was that he couldn't get a grade for it...

By the end, he had the perfect Boba Fett costume. And he created a couple of extras for two friends. And they went to Mill Ave. where there was a huge Halloween party. He was drunk chick magnet #1. They insisted on being in pictures with him. They showed him their breasts. They lllloooovvvveeeedddd him. They probably gave him plenty of impure thoughts. But since he didn't drink, he was able to resist their Jezebel natures...(and yes, I teased him about this some- he was really fun to tease- and took it remarkably well)

So I guess that this is one way for Star Wars geeks to get ahead for one night of their lives. Get the costume together and go to a drunken bacchanalia on Halloween. Then put the costume away for another year. Do not, under any circumstances wear it between times. Not even in the privacy of your own home.

And no, this doesn't work for Star Trek. No way, no how. No coolness quotent for Trekkers regardless of the holiday. Never, no way. So just stop it.

Rumor mill

I heard some unsettling news the other night- and no, it didn't involve Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and facial hair.

I heard that poofy permed 80s hair is coming back. This cannot be. We must not let this happen. I spent years farming my hair into a large, blond, poofy, overprocessed curtain. And then I cut it all off in a lovely purgative rebellion my senior year in high school. No hair cut has ever felt soooo good.

I used to come home from the perm place (JC Penney's usually) with blistered burns on my neck. And my scalp would tingle for several days. And my hair took on the texture of very dry grass. My head was the amber waves of grain. It floated when I walked. Poof....poof....poof.... My migraine headaches began at that age...I would love to draw a correlation, but probably can't with any scientific accuracy.

This is wrong. We cannot go back. It is too painful...I can handle revisiting elephant bell bottom Hash jeans. I can deal with rainbow suspenders. I can even face blue eyeshadow (too old to partake, thank you). But the poofy 80s hair is my nemesis. It is definately part of the dark side that doesn't need to be resusitated. So, say a little prayer and light a candle. We can keep the darkness at bay.

Overachieving Thursday

By request:

Spouse and his roommate in college Brian were studying for their first Econ test. They were drinking cup after cup of Yuban coffee- they had no coffee pot and figured that this was a quality alternative. They stayed up all night. Spouse was also smoking at the time (nasty habit- lucky he stopped before meeting me...it would've been bad). After several hours of this self-abuse, their intestines rebelled, and they had to use the bathroom in shifts for the remainder of the night.
Morning came, and they had to take the test. Sadly, their tummies were still unsettled, and they took the test with that nasty, rumbly, sweaty feeling...

And they never drank Yuban again.

Moral to this story- Yuban is a bitch mistress who will cut you when she's able.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The waiting is the hardest part

So I'm still waiting to hear about the latest in the endless seeming procession of jobs. If this weren't so annoying, it would be humerous. But it's not yet. I actually do want to be gainfully employed. sigh...

And I have to thank some of my friends for being so supportive- I have received some wonderful emails and messages. Makes me feel all loved and happy.

Kittys misbehaving

So now Timmy likes the kitty upstairs. It's love. And she's one of those alpha females that don't get along with many other cats. I think she's his Elsa substitute. He goes to the top of the stairs and puts his paws under the door and shakes it. He wants to play...soooo badly....

And whenever we're up there and the door is open, he'll calmly saunter up there and start nosing around like he belongs there. Bad kitty.

I have a feeling that we're going to have problems keeping our kitty tribes separate.

And in other news, I hear that there are now 3 or so kittens in MT waiting for me. They are large I hear, but details aren't forthcoming yet. I'll report more later.

It's crappicino Wednesday!

Since not too much is going on in my life, I'll plunder my friends' lives for stories that amuse me.

Our friend Dave was biking to his job in Phoenix from Tempe every day (about 10 miles) during one summer. He was working at an archetecture firm in a large building downtown. Sadly, the homeless from stink park had access to the bathroom in the building...more on that later.

The morning in question, Dave was running late. He grabs a frappucino from the fridge, downs it and gets on his bike. By the time he gets downtown, he has the ominous rumblings in his lower intestine that signal serious trouble coming down the pipes.

He runs into the bathroom (click, click, click- he was wearing his riding shoes). Since the homeless have made the bathroom messy, he hovers rather than sits. And lets go. Ahhhhhh.....

Then he gets ready to leave and notices that to his horror, he missed the bowl of the toilet and coated the rear wall of the stall with frappucino, etc. He goes to the sink to wash up, and slink off to the office...

Then a guy in a suit from one of the offices comes into the bathroom. He sees the stall, and says, "Goddamned homeless!" Dave agrees, nods and leaves....

So that kids is a parable about not drinking frappucino, getting on a bike and riding 10 miles in the summer in Phoenix where it's wicked hot. Bad things happen. And the homeless get blamed.

And as a sidenote, stink park isn't the official name- I called it that. It is a shantytown of homeless that has a nasty smell in the summer. Due to said homeless. Not a place I go- just drive by on occasion.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

On AZN tv right now

It's Bollywood day today. So they're showing an Indian movie about Pakistani support of Islamic terrorism in India. It's interesting, but very disturbing at the same time. I think it's a good litmus of what the relationship between the countries has been, but it's also unfortunate. The opening song was all about nationalism, and celebration of Mother India. Sounds kinda sweet and nice, but from studying history, I have a real itchy sense of nationalism. It doesn't often lead to good things. When a country decides that it is the best- uber alles, etc.- bad things tend to happen. Remember Anschluss anyone? No, well then look it up. Very unpleasant experience. Led to lots of death, plenty of ugliness and basically a fucked up Europe. So when I watch what appears to be the Indian equivalent of Rambo, it kind of unnerves me a tad. By painting the other nuclear power in the region as the equivalent of evil, good neighborhoods aren't fostered. It's like if we decided that Canada was plotting against us and needed to be hunted down...
Maybe that's the case, but if so- they're being awfully civilized about it. Perhaps it's all happening through the infiltration of their comedians into Hollywood. Culture first via humor- then come the nukes...

Cool new special effect...

well, not really...

I've discovered something kinda sucky in the last few days- besides that I have to unpack all of my crap- and that is that beer makes my asthma go into high gear. It was supposed to be exercise induced only. But when I have beer from one of the lovely micro-breweries in the Seattle area, I rather quickly discover that I feel like there's about 20 lbs of bricks on my chest. And the inhaler only has a marginal effect. So I guess I have to move to gin. Or vodka. But vodka and I have a very checkered past, so gin might be better...or not...depending on your outlook...

Ok so where did you hide the Ajax?

Yeah- unpacking is a whole lotta no fun. And I seem to have lost a couple of very important cleaning supplies in the process. Funny since they were the last thing loaded into the car...and the first things to disappear...dammit.

Sadly the place, cool though it art, was a pit when we moved in. Those responsible for the construction didn't clean up after themselves. So we've had double duty. But I shouldn't complain overmuch- maybe a little- it is a cool place. But it sucks to have to clean the stove before cooking anything. And that the bathroom floor was covered (along with every other surface) with a fine layer of grit.

Now if I can find the cleaning stuff, life will be just fine...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I know that I lack pictures

I'll take some more soon- been kinda busy. Just imagine something like a picture on the page, and that'll help.

More info on AZN TV

So the Chinese soap opera that features dieties and demons is called King of Hades. I am wondering if this is a literal translation- if so, I'm curious as to where the Chinese came up with the name "Hades," as I thought that was Greek. Curiouser and curiouser.

The other soap opera that I've already adopted as my new special obsession is Korean and called Hotelier. It stars lovely young Asian guys (delicious) and pretty young Asian girls...and it's wonderful. These young people work in a...hotel...in Korea...and there's love, and fighting, and hostile takover attempts, and Las Vegas, and flashbacks, and lung cancer, and subtitles. I hope to see the entire series some day, as I've only caught the final 2 episodes. It's like the Mexican soaps that I watched in AZ on Telemundo and Univision- limited run. Only better since these are subtitled, and the Mexican ones weren't. So I did a lot of guessing.

Speaking of guessing, the Philipino game show that I watch is called Game K N B? And stars Ms. Kris Aquino as the lovely Dolce and Gabbana garbed hostess who seems preoccupied by her own hair. It's wacky. The contestants seem kind of clueless and confused, and frankly very unpolished. But the cool thing is that I think that I could totally clean up on the show- even though only about 1/4 of the dialogue is in English. Mainly because the questions are silly/easy and mostly either yes/no or multiple choice- thus the odds are very good. The contestants usually are so thick or nervous that they often jump the gun and don't listen to the entire question- thus getting it wrong- and Ms. Kris Aquino has to gently reprimand them. It's fun. We'll see if I can infect Spouse with my enthusiasm. He didn't get King of Hades last night...sigh...

So how's the move, you ask?

We like the new place. But our stuff is in boxes. Boxes fill the rooms...and this needs to be addressed. So tonight we sort our boxes. And we place some of the boxes in storage places. So we don't see those boxes, and we forget that we own stuff in those boxes. Until the next time we move. Then we get to consider why we still own the stuff in those boxes. It's a wonderful little circle jerk that we have devised...and it fails to account for the boxes stored in MT.

And on the job front- I am waiting. This kind of passive crap really gets to me after a while. I like decisions. Pro or con, at least then I'm not sitting around not doing anything...

Oh MY F GOD!!!

From the BBC news:

here has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in a small town near the border of Laos in North-Eastern Cambodia.

The culprit was discovered to be mosquitoes native to that region carrying a new strain of Malaria which thus far has a 100 percent mortality rate and kills victims in fewer than 2 days.

After death, this parasite is able to restart the heart of its victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believed to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.”

Cambodian officials say that the outbreak has been contained and the public has no need to worry.

General Ary Serey had this to say, "We have obtained samples of this new parasite and plan to learn how it starts the heart and other major organs of the deceased. We intend to use this to increase the quality of life for all."

US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice opposed the plan saying that the Cambodian government holds a great biological weapon and should destroy it immediately. Cambodian officials have yet to comment.

A United Nations team will be dispatched to Cambodia to confirm the safety of biological research in Cambodia.

(this is probably the most fucked up thing I've seen in quite a while. And I've seen some fucked up stuff lately- remember- I'm umpacking all of my belongings...)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yes, well...

So the bulk of the moving and shifting of posessions is done. I have to clean the old place still- but that won't be too bad. Now is the unpacking. Often a revelation- I can look in boxes that were in storage and have the joy of rediscovery.

So Spouse is on a business trip. Whilst he enjoys the Midwest- hope he has a cheesy tater tot hot dish while out there- I have discovered Comcast cable. We had Direct TV at the other place.

I have found ASN tv. It is cool as hell. Last night I enjoyed the last half hour of a Chinese (I think) soap opera featuring Water and Fire demons and lots of running around and very bad king fu action. It was really great. The demons had silly noses and big wigs. The water demon resembled a green housecat.

Then I watched a Philipino quiz show. It was great- I could understand about 1/4 of the language used (as it was English), and didn't have a clue as to the rest. But the action involved a disco dance track, smoke machine, disco floor in the shape of a pyramid, and hostess whose wrap dress was coming apart on top by the end of the show (she had on a red bra- that's all I'm sayin). It was funny. The people on the show weren't very sure of themselves on camera.

And finally, I got sucked into a Chinese movie that kept me up way too late. It was called All The Way, and was about a young girl wrapped up in her boyfriend's life of crime, and the hapless nice guy who is trying to save her. The only irritation was that the male voiceover wasn't subtitled. And I suspect that the plot was wrapped up via voiceover. Dammit.

All in all, a very good find.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sparsely populated this week

The moving and packing and sorting continues. As does the prep work for the interview tomorrow. So I'll not be attending to my blogging duties as diligently as I would like. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. (I really don't know for sure what that means, and Spouse thinks it's funny when I say that...)

So, let's hope that in 72 hours, I'll be employed and moved and at least partially moved in.

All I know is, I have too many clothes. I spent years amassing a vintage collection that I never wear- sigh. The really good stuff (pucci) I sold on Ebay for a ginormous amount of money. But the rest? I don't quite know what to do with it all. I gotta think.

Anyway, talk at ya all later!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Moving day

I'm dealing with a Chevy Suburban that needs a fillin. So I'll perhaps post tonight. Perhaps not- depending on how tired I am. Yup- I'm a tease.

Oh- and I have another interview on Friday. It's kind of like running the gauntlet. After they finish bitch slapping my psyche, I'll be all kinds of new.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And I pride myself on my sense of humor

Sigh....it's come to this. I have become the humorless wreck of humanity that I always feared was inside...

Next I'll be yelling at meter maids (oh, yeah. I did that once- and will suffer from the guilt forevermore) and small animals. (Get away from me, squirrel! I mean it!!!)

I didn't get the Washington Mutual job, and am getting frustrated/dejected. So it's starting to look more like food service industry jobs for me. Good God yo- I probably couldn't get one of those! No experience in the field in the last decade. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Stupid squirrel.

How does one lift the curse of a harassed meter maid?

Ok- so sometimes I miss nuance

All right then. Be anonymous for all that I care. I love my people. And I don't want the lazy ones to suffer. So- I'm a tad slow on the uptake sometimes. Especially when in the midst of sorting through my worldly possessions whilst job hunting frenzedly (Walmart is starting to look appealing- I could be a greeter...). Bear with me! (kisses!)

Monday, May 02, 2005

And finally-

It's time to think about happy things. Like the kittens in MT waiting to come home to my house. Like the new apartment we're in the middle of moving into, like Laura Bush being all funny at the White House Correspondent's Dinner this weekend, like sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows everywhere.

And the fact that both Spouse and I can actually use our noses to breathe, not just to break the even planes of our faces.

Happy Monday time
Going to Trader Joe's now
buy some dried mangoes.

From my operative in Phoenix (this was in Portland) comes the above. Thanks R.!

Ok so it does work

and I look more like a doofus than ever....

Problems with photos

I wanted to add some cheer, levity and general interest via photos. But the Hello Picasa thingy that I am forced by blogger to use isn't working. So no photos for today. Damn. Girl can't get a break today!

Ok- I'll quit bleeding the MT trip now. Just thought one more of Higgins Ave (with spouse cropped out) would be nice.

New posting policy

Ok- I've been pondering this all weekend. And since some of the posters to my blog are confusing me, I am going to end the whole anonymous posting option. I don't really care if posters want to rag on me (it's not fun, but part of the cost of doing business, don't cha know). But there was a posting that seemed derogatory towards my friends, and that I don't want to deal with. So, sorry if you were attached to anonymity- but all things change.

And yes, I'm a little worked up right now...pissy, actually...I apologize...it's a byproduct of the earlier post.

Particularly hurtful

God Damn the small town. That said, I hear from my esteemed Father that my uncle Bob (Yup- I have an "And Bob's your uncle) was talking to the man responsible for me having to move those huuuugggeee show cases from my Mother's former store last month. Not only did I have to deal with the emotional stress caused by dismantling one of my childhood haunts and a (redacted) landmark, but I also had to deal with the sheer magnitude of the job. It wasn't fun. Period.

So dipshit, aka Mr. Bigshot (who has a very nice wife and son, btw) decides to flap his gums at my uncle, claiming that I was offered a "nice" amount of money to not move the cases, as moving them left a mess, and the store would've been worth more had they remained in situ. No shit! Really? Seeing as how during the only conversation that I had with him (with my Father in the room) he rejected buying them outright, I guess I must've lost my mind. Hmmm. The bastard is trying to make me the villian here, and I don't approve. And with my own family. That takes class. I would've done practically anything short of giving the damned things away to avoid having to move them. And the little cockknocker has the nerve to claim otherwise...fuck him. I feel a nasty letter coming on... or an irate visit... Yeah- time to plan the vengence tour 2005. Roadtrip with a purpose...

At least I am in fighting form again, and will ponder my next move. And the cases are out. And they are for sale. And he has one hell of a mess to deal with in the old store. Not my problem, sir. Not my problem at all.