Monday, February 28, 2005

I found this on a Portugese blog- I'm sure I'm screwing up etiqette here, but can't resist. I think the tiger is being measured for a coat. Or a bedspread. Posted by Hello

Bozeman news

Nothing animal related was in the police reports today. Sometimes they just fail to perform for our reading pleasure. Probably ODing on chewing tobacco.

Instead, creekers(tm) are chock full o nuts.

€ A man was reported throwing rocks and wood at passing vehicles on East Valley Center Spur Road.

€ Someone upended a portable toilet at a construction site on West Katina Court.

Rocks and wood??? WTF!!!! Is it Cro Magnon recreation day already? I don't have my fur bathrobe ready yet! Damn...

Ah wilderness...

As I sit in suburbia and contemplate life, I realize that several truisms dominate- 1. the Oscars really, really suck. I lost over 3 hours of my life last night. I want them back. It was hypnotically bad. I swear every year, never again. Then I lie to myself and watch. It's a sickness, I tell you. A sickness.

2. I can't hold anything against an old, frail and very sick Pope. I really want to, but just can't. I'm not fond of conservative religious types, but I guess that being conservative and religious goes with being the Pope- so it's to be expected. It's just really hard to see him suffer- it reminds me of slowly losing an old house pet- you want to do something to help, but it's beyond your control. I'm sure that people would be horribly offended to see me compare the Pope to a cat- but if you knew how much I love my cats, it's actually quite an honor. And the gentle irony of it- this particular Pope was elected the day I buried one of my hamsters. I remember it well. The bells of the Helena Cathedral were ringing, and I was crying. The dramas of youth...

3. The Michael Jackson circus officially starts today. I'll be watching with as much self-loathing as I had last night during the Academys. It's compelling theater, but I wonder how much actual justice gets done. Like the OJ thing, I think that there's a serious discrepancy between the justice meted out to commoners versus the celebrity. We're not that far from the Brits- where connection and name have enormous effect on treatment. Anyone who argues otherwise is delusional. Perhaps back home in MT celebs can get treated like normal people most of the time, but I would argue that it's not the same as being normal since people recognize them but choose not to make a fuss about it. They still discuss the sightings with friends, and it's gossipy as hell. I don't get it. But I'm just as guilty as the next. I see someone famous (with the exception of the vile Micky Rourke- I'll share that tale some time) and get all silly and say, "Oooooh shiny..." like everyone else. I just really do want to get over it someday.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Montreal is on!

We're going to the Montreal F1 race in June. I'm a happy girl. Alas, Mika won't be there- no one could entice him to return.

I have a pic of him that I pulled from his site- yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and he does have dorky sunglasses on. But you need to see him in an interview to really appreciate his awkward charm. He is a Finn. I have yet to see a Finn win a race (F1 or Rally) and be animated. They are quiet, almost depressed seeming. It is wonderful. I can only imagine the passion and latent violence lurking beneath the veneer of diffidence.

When Mika speaks his mouth doesn't move. Sexy. It makes me smile. I dig the Finns.

Sex on wheels- seriously.... Posted by Hello

It's Sunday, and Bozeman is a hopping place

I couldn't let my readers down. I have responsibilities now, no? So here is the fun stuff from the police reports- not much- just a kernel if you will.

€ Deputies spoke with a man regarding three mules and two horses he found wandering in his neighborhood.

I'm thinking that the mules and horses were up to no good. Probably a gang looking for more chewing tobacco. Did they have a dresser with them?

Saturday, February 26, 2005

And yes, this is a BOY!!! Posted by Hello

Sigh- my hero....he's the new Marlboro man.  Posted by Hello

And on another note

ONLY 7 DAYS UNTIL THE F1 SEASON!!! I hate to shout like that, but it's important! I'll get my Michael Schumacher on again! Yeah!! It's up there with the Tour de France as the top sport that I obsess about every year. Girl can't help it. Think hot eurotrash glam boys with amazing abs in jumpsuits covered in product endorsements generally banned in the US sitting in open cockpit rocket engines going really fast...sigh...

And the KING with 7 world championships under his belt, for Ferrari- Michael Schumacher...what a guy. What slays me about him is that he seems like a generally nice guy. Not a rock star like Juan Pablo Montoya. Not a cranky whiney boy like his brother Ralf Schumacher. And not an ass like Jacques Villeneuve. But a nice guy. I like those. And he's the most highly paid athlete in the world. And no one in the states who isn't addicted to Speed Channel (#607- check it out) knows who the hell he is. He slums here on vacation cuz he can basically pass as a typical German tourist with his wife and kids.

We've had a long-standing plan to go to a race- this year the goal is Montreal. I just want to look at the cars close up and feel the ambience. Is that asking so much? Huh? Is it??? I thought not. And if, perhaps, by some stroke of fate, I get a glimpse of the lovely Michael (who I admit I crush on), well, then sweet dreams are made of this. And who am I to disagree? I'll remain somewhat cool, promise not to wet myself, saunter over to him and say casually, " I love your ouvre." That'll throw him! Use French pretension to keep him guessing. Yup. I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille.

Now if we could talk Mika Hakinnen out of retirement and into a car before then, I'll be in true blue heaven. For those of you who aren't aware- Mika is the Uber God in my F1 pantheon. Even Michael is a demi-god by comparison. I named our youngest cat after Mika. Mika is a Finnish BOY name- not a girl name. Mika the cat, despite being pretty, would appreciate it if you stopped fucking calling him a girl!!! It makes him colicky.

7 more days....the only sad thing is that we won't be watching it with our Bozeman F1 fan contingent. That totally bites. But we'll be watching. Sure thing. We'll be watching.

From the police blotter in Bozeman

I pick and choose only the finest (generally animal related) police reports for your viewing pleasure:

€ Officers cited a man for shoplifting cans of chew from a North Seventh Avenue store Thursday.

(wait- don't assume anything...)

€ There were three horses at large on Cottonwood Road Thursday.

€ Someone stole a dresser in front of a store on Arden Drive Thursday.

(Damned horses! They're stealing chew to fight the worms and a dresser to store it in...always blame the livestock- too much time on their hands...hooves)

Last night events

Ok- I know I said I wouldn't rub it in about my FABULOUS life in Seattle, but I just can't help myself. You see, my life is so uneventful as a general rule, that I am compelled, compelled, I tell you, to gloat when fun things come my way.

Last night we went with our darling friends to The Animation Show- hosted by the sweetly emo Don Hertzfeldt (who I am embarrassed to say I was unfamiliar with) and the ever so amazing Mike Judge (who brought you the ever popular Beavis and Butthead (ew), King of the Hill (HELL yes!) and Office Space (OMG!!!)). The animated film shorts were quite good- only the odd French painted one left me with the WTF vibe- perhaps I am not deep enough, no?

What was also fun was the Q & A session following. Neither guy was a real chatty Kathy, but they had some great insights into creativity. I felt really happy to spend another evening with people on top of their game who get to do what they want with their lives professionally. It was if I could figure out what it is exactly that I do want to do with my life professionally...

But there is some hope on the job front- I now have an interview scheduled on Tuesday for Getty Images- the stock photography company based locally in Fremont. I am really excited- it is project managing web sites for them and pays lovely, lovely money. So, think happy job interview thoughts for me at 4 PM (Pacific time) on Tuesday, and I'll do my best to nail it.

Friday, February 25, 2005

More on the Creeker theme

From the Bozeman Chronicle police reports for yesterday:

€ A woman called police Wednesday and asked for information on how to trap a skunk.

€ A dog "relieved" itself in the Babcock Fields and the owner didn't clean it up, a caller reported Wednesday. The dog's owner said he would clean it up before he left the park.

€ A man told police Wednesday that someone shot him in the eye with a spitball while he was driving on North Willson Avenue.

€ A caller told deputies Wednesday that a dog on Pache Road barks constantly. The owner said the dog only barks when cars are speeding on the road. Nonetheless, the owner was warned that the barking dog was bothering his neighbors.

Last night events

I don't plan on gloating about my FABULOUS night life often. But I have to tell you about last night. We went to a talk by one of my favorite authors- Mary Doria Russell- Author of The Sparrow and Children of God- two of my favorite books ever. She was really fun. Even Kent found her funny and interesting- and I have to admit that I dragged him out when he would've probably preferred to play his guitar and go to bed early.

Anyhew, Mary has published a new book, which I purchased, and will report on later. It was wonderful to see her- I find her career trajectory inspirational as she spent a very long time in the professional world and took 7 years to write her first novel. What a novel. It's about (as she puts it) Jesuits in space. It's earthshakingly beautiful, tragic, funny and inspiring. It changed my world view. What I'm leaving out is that she's a cultural anthropologist by training, and really delves into the zeitgeist of the civilizations that she creates. Lovely, lovely book- and there's no excuse not to run out and get it from the library. I know that the Bozeman library has it!


Good morning all!

Today we start a new feature- word of the day. Today's word, courtesy of our friend from Alabama, Adrian, is Creeker.

Creeker- n. meaning those who live by the creek. Akin to white trash settlers who lived down the road from us in Bozeman- those who could basically floss their teeth with drinking straws.

Usage- Embrace your creeker heritage- show a picture of yourself with a dead mountain goat on your brand spanking new blog. I suppose one could argue that a creeker wouldn't have a blog, wouldn't quite grasp the concept of the web, etc. But creeker roots run deep and wide. And no, it isn't a dead pony, Keith- it is something that Daddy brought home for my viewing pleasure. And it's not goat blood on my face, I am told that I took a header the day before. (Not much changes there- always cursed with poor balance...sigh...)

So- your task for the day- use creeker in at least one sentence. Be creative. It'll be fun! Example- "Don't be such a creeker!" And you have to pronounce it the proper creek way, not the MT crick way. Sorry! Think of it as a foreign tongue- Alabamaese.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Begin the Beguine

Hello World!

I've finally made the plunge and decided to enter the blog world. I've been unemployed since we relocated to the Seattle area (not for want of looking for a job- only landing one), and have been obsessively reading blogs- mainly for a bit of the human touch. I've also taught myself how to knit. And since I've completed a couple of scarves in a week, it's time to find another font of creativity.

So, the first thing was finding a name. I thought of Pirate Chicken Shack- it's an old in-joke with my husband and some of his friends. He was going to start a business called Cap'n Kent's Pirate Chicken Shack... Arg. But then I remembered that chicken is a young gay man, and thought that I might get the wrong idea across.

couchkitten (tm) was devised by my devilshly clever spouse in a fit of random inspiration. Probably inspired by my joking that I'm turning into a large house cat with all of the inactivity. Don't get me wrong- the lack of stress and office politics are very nice, indeed. But it has been a definate change of pace to be an official kept woman. He doesn't keep me in baubles and fine furs, but I do have Tivo, DSL and a Trader Joe's within a couple of minutes. All is well.

More thoughts later- this is a decent start. Bye loves!