Saturday, September 19, 2009

Been seriously incommunicado lately. Just trying to get things done. Still unsure what the work situation will wind up amounting to- but have been assured that I WILL have a job. That is good news. Just have to keep breathing and not worry about it. Yeah. That works. So does wine. Copious amounts of wine. But haven't resorted to that yet. Nice to know that it's an option, though.

Finally started sleeping again- after a week of fits and starts. Woke from an amazing dream (don't worry, I won't share- BORING!), and am getting rolling very slowly. Kind of like that- dreamy edgeless morning sans sunshine, but with plenty of rose-scented tea. From a golden mug that I purchased last time I was home. Reminds me of my mother's house in the sunshine. No, I am not a romantic at all.

But back to the creativity aspect of my life- it is time for some deep dive writing. It has been another lengthy hiatus, and I hate those. Getting momentum and then having life intervene sucks. I have hope though. It is starting to really look good, and the bones are firm. So that is a plenty good way to get started. Seems others are in the same mode- hunkering down and getting things done.

And that's all there is news wise that I don't post on FB- no need for the co-workers and casual friends to know about all my inner shite- that is for here. Where I hide.